应 用

  • 供配电系统


    Intelligent buildings, networking and increasingly automated factories are derived from the best coordinated low-voltage distribution system in Germany, which can ensure continuous, efficient and reliable distribution, from power feed to electrical equipment.

  • 新能源新材料


    The chemical energy conversion Institute (MPI CEC) in milheim on Ruhr river is at the world advanced level in material conversion, durability and comprehensive mechanism improvement of materials.

  • 智慧信息与数据可视化


    Digital scene transformation is in full swing. Wolfgang integrates data along the whole value chain to seek benefits and opportunities, so as to turn data into value.

  • 数字定制


    It is an indispensable and important step on the road of enterprise development. It provides a solid foundation for the shaping and updating of enterprise culture, and provides sufficient vitality for the survival and development of enterprises.。